Class of 1973 Scholarship A Project of Class Scholarships

$73,000 for the Class of 1973

Scholarships are critical to helping Fork Union provide an education where young men learn respect, integrity, faith, character and discipline. So many young men inquire to attend Fork Union each year, but only a few can afford it. Even as the Academy provides over two million dollars in financial aid to help as many families as possible, more is needed to ensure that every young man, regardless of financial situation, can attend Fork Union. Your support of the Class of 1973 Scholarship ensures that young men will be able to attend the Academy, and that the class will always be represented by a new generation of Fork Union cadets.

The class of 1973 wishes to help other young men attend Fork Union Military Academy by working together to establish the Class of 1973 Scholarship. This endowed scholarship will not only help young men receive a Fork Union education, but will also symbolize the Class of 1973 for years to come.

"As the beneficiary of a scholarship, I welcome the opportunity to 'pay it forward' so other deserving young men can have the same Fork Union experience. I hope each of you will consider joining me at a level that is comfortable for you. Any amount is welcome." -John Greene '73

Supported by 2 Donations:

  • William R.
    I Gave $50
  • John G.
    I Gave $1,000
    I look forward to our class reaching this very important goal!