Help Raise $66,000 for the Class of 66

'66 for 66 A Project of Class Scholarships

The class of 1966 is determined to grow their class scholarship to the endowed level of fifty-thousand dollars – meet the class scholarship campaign known as '66-for-$66k.

"My thought was that the class of '67 could give sixty-seven thousand, '68 could give sixty-eight thousand, so on and so on. Create some competition between classes and make it important for each class to do better than the one before them." -Micky Sullivan

Kent Carter believes this is the right time to give back and help the Academy move into the future of developing young men like it has for over one-hundred years: "I want others to benefit from my having been there. The FUMA experience has meant so much to us over the years – it enabled us to better prepare for what life threw at us, and it's time for us to pass it on."

Kent also understands the limits of giving capacity to many, yet acknowledges the simple act of giving back, regardless of the amount."If each of our surviving class members can give to a single scholarship fund, then we can make a difference in some future cadet's ability to share in that same experience that we had. The amount of giving isn't important, but the idea of like hearts supporting a cause they believe in is," added Carter.

The class of '66 is still working towards their goal of raising $66,000. Will you join in helping them?

"Oh, we're going to get there. Come on guys, it's time." -Micky Sullivan

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